I have always been fascinated by the timeless art of portraiture. In addition to the uniqueness of every individual, there is also the infinite variety of expression of each face, expressions we learned to read and use as a silent language. For me this visual and universal language became one of the most important concepts of my work. In drawing I use pastel and charcoal, in sculpture I use clay, I'm drawn to these mediums for their earthy nature.

From the late eighties to early nineties I studied art at the Ottawa School Of Art. ( Ottawa- Ontario- Canada).
1998-2006 Offered art classes, including; drawing, painting, sculpture, and pottery at the Orleans Visual art Centre and the Ottawa Carleton Board of education. (Ottawa- Ontario- Canada).
2013-2014 Offered drawing, painting and sculpture classes at the Saint John Art Centre. (Saint John-New Brunswick - Canada).


Figurative Artist
Portrait society of Canada
Portrait society of America
Artists in Canada